Being In The Now


tips_featureThe present moment is key to all of our existence as we so often focus on the future or recall the past we tend to forget to appreciate the now. Being in the now means being grateful each moment especially if it is during time of challenge as its easy to appreciate the good times.

Three tips on how to be in the now and loving it

  1. Breath easy and sync your breath with your heart
  2. Get grounded, get in touch with nature
  3. Set regular  practises for taking time out in your day for you, just your time. You can go for a walk or lay down and meditate, its up to you its your time.

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May you be inspired!

About the Author Bass Tadros

Bass Tadros is a Hypnotherapy Thought Leader, Certified Hypnotherapist, speaker, author of '3 Steps To Inspiration for Life' and Founder of For Life Coaching.

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