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Often most reasons we get worked up be it that we get upset or angry its due to not being in the flow of our own inner nature. That disconnect or misalignment is due to our resistance, when we are unhappy we are often resisting someone or something or maybe even a situation we do not want to be in.

I recommend you reflect on the last time you felt things were not exactly going your way, can you see how it was due to some form of resistance?

Here are three tips on how to avoid being in resistance and get into flow:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Learn to trust your own inner voice that guides you, some refer to it as intuition, not your panicked thoughts but the calm inner voice that guides you toward flow and harmony
  3. Look at the situation from at least three angles, so if lets say someone is bothering you, who are they protecting or defending? This is not to excuse them but seeing it from another angle helps make it less annoying and keeps you objective. Another angle is to see that they are doing the best they can with what they know right now, if they knew better they would do better.

Can you see that you can over come resistance this would not only help keep you in flow this will also help you avoid the hindsight wisdom that we often experience months or years after an event, you can learn from the situation as its happening not in the distant future.

This gets easier with practise please feel free to join our upcoming Free Your Mind workshops to learn how to channel your own inner guidance.

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