Sarah Jayne interviewing Bass Tadros

Are you stuck, need a new strategy in your personal or business life?

Heart-centered, inspiring and accomplished, Bass Tadros is a communication specialist, a performance coach, life coach, trainer and speaker and has designed coaching programmes, training workshops and public presentations to help people take control of their life.

Bass applies revolutionary new tools in human transformation and empowerment frameworks to deliver lasting results. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, he enables people to make faster and more effective changes in their personal and professional lives by enabling an understanding of thoughts and feelings. NLP has been proven to be a successful business and personal development tool by removing negative ‘internal chatter’ and creating a winning attitude. It aids rapport building and communication skills and teaches ways to elicit others motivation and decision making strategies.

For the last 12 years, Bass has worked with multi – national organisations specialising in marketing, communication and planning. He has led teams of professionals in Australia and internationally through successful and seamless change. He is dedicated to helping people identify and shift the unseen forces that are the barriers to personal and professional success.

Bass’s expertise lies in helping people to transition and adapt to change, to plan short and long term success, and to enable empowerment. He ensures that clients take control of their lives by eliminating negative habits and installing positive strategies.

What is life coaching good for?
The benefits of coaching:

• Raises personal awareness of your current situation you are dealing with for perspective

• Highlight greater clarity, focus and direction in your life

• Work on designing your ideal future outcomes

• Uncover self-sabotaging actions

• Provides the ‘kick start’ needed to create the life change you want

Areas of expertise

• Heart centred holistic approach

• Communication Effectiveness

• Development of a Success Mind-set

You will know:

– How do we come to sabotage our own self? It’s done unknowingly and can be unlearnt.

– How do we program our mind to think positive? By focusing on what we want rather then what we don’t want.

– What is the best way to start to make change? Start now and take small steps.

– What are your top tips for keeping a positive mind set through the tough times? Breathing mindfully.

About the Author Bass Tadros

Bass Tadros is a Hypnotherapy Thought Leader, Certified Hypnotherapist, speaker, author of '3 Steps To Inspiration for Life' and Founder of For Life Coaching.

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