Speaker Topics

All of these speaker topics can be delivered in a 60minute, half day or full day presentation format.

Free your Mind

Understanding the elements that create day to day stresses and gaining clarity and strategies on how to eliminate those stress. 

Mastering Communication

​Understanding your communication style and learning how to communicate in the most effective way to impact and influence. 

Congruence to Overcome Procrastination

To be congruent is to be in alignment. Aligning your thoughts words and actions. And once you're in alignment procrastination doesn't stand a chance. 

Power of Being In-spirit

To be inspired is to be in spirit. And by being in spirit you can inspire others but remain inspired from within. 

The Power of Mindset and Clarity of Vision

Understand what the mindset is made up of and gain clarity so you can move forward and create incredible results.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Do you often feel like you have internal chatter? Are you winning the battle of internal dialogue or is it beating you up? Perhaps you're in two minds most of the time and you can't make a decision. This presentation will provide clarity on how to escape the business of the mind and tap into the truth of the heart. The brain holds a duality with the left and right brain. The heart is a singularity and will always give you a single answer.